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Daniel H. JAYD

International Contemporary Fine Artist

  • Daniel H. JAYD
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Latest Exhibitions


TITLE: "The Colours of Montreal"

MEDIUM: Acrylics and Mixed Media on canvas


This portrait painting artwork of Leonard Cohen is part of JAYD's Urban Icon series of artworks. This painting represents the international world renowned poet, singer and songwriter accompanied with the visual palette of iconic symbols and images reflecting the city of Montreal that has the reputation of one of the most important cities in the world for its international festivals and multicultural events of art, music and entertainment and having the bragging rights to the best smoked meat sandwiches and bagels in the world which only New York City can compete with.


This painting has caught the attention of art lovers and is part of the On Art OFAA 2015 an international art project exhibition in Valencia, Spain and also part of the Miami Scope International Art Exhibition.


The colours of Montreal also reflect the city that Leonard Cohen and Celine Dion have their roots from and have conquered the world with their unique talents. This painting is also a tribute to why there's an international appeal to this multicultural city.

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